Once a renowned director, Haskell Edwards has wallowed in a self-inflicted haze of drug and alcohol abuse for nine years. This has been his life since witnessing the suicide of his one true love, Cello Shea, an iconic young film star. When a cutting edge tech-company approaches Haskell to direct a film about Cello's life, he is stunned to meet the actress who will portray her - an incredibly life-like robot. Horrified and fascinated at the same time, he can't turn down the opportunity to honor his lost love's memory and repair her suicide-tarnished legacy. Recruiting his old friends, and even some enemies, in the production, Haskell has to relive his relationship with the Hollywood sex symbol. Ultimately, he's forced to address the differences between his love for Cello, and his growing obsession with a machine that... is nothing more than a programmed doppelgänger.

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At the peak of her career, Cello Shea (Chloe Dykstra) commits suicide as her boyfriend director watches. Haskell Edwards (Richard Hatch) has not gotten over it and nine years later he makes Mickey O'Rourke look good. A company that manufactures androids wants to produce a picture of Cello's life as a way to introduce their product. They want Haskell to direct. The film is less science fiction than it is a study of Haskell and how he deals with the issue of suicide. In the case of Shea, she made a sane sober decision to end her life on her terms and not to grow old gracefully. It held my interest, but honestly, I didn't think the film was great. Guide: F-word, sex, nudity (Chloe Dykstra, Ana Foxx)

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