Most of the time, JAN (Moritz Jahn) isn't really Jan, he's brave warrior FENRIS (Level 69), one of the best players in fantasy online game "Battle for Utgard". He's busy practicing for the upcoming online tournament called Ragnarök, when he's suddenly ejected from the game, frantically realizing he's been hacked by another player, dark sorcerer LOKI (Level 70). The biggest quest of his life begins - in the real world this time. It's the start of the greatest adventure of his life - in the real world. He encounters a plethora of analog obstacles on his journey to regain his digital identity, terrifying opponents, and even crazy KARO (Mala Emde) actual, honest-to-goodness girl.

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I have to completely disagree with the other reviewer. I went into this thinking it would be pretty bad and ended up enjoying it. It's definitely cliché and certain scenes are annoying (the entire ending pretty much), but it's definitely worth a watch. First of all, the male lead is not supposed to be likable, you're only supposed to relate to him in whatever small way. That's why they establish what an @$$hole he is right from the get go. Second, I didn't find the humor forced at all, definitely over the top but not forced. I enjoyed all the references and memes, right down to the gifs in the credits, so maybe we just have different senses of humor. I didn't mind the video game scenes, aside from the Ragnarok tournament at the end (which made no sense to me). All in all, if the male lead hadn't been a jealous idiot (and had kissed her the first time), and if they had teamed up at the end, and if they found a more clever way to get their accounts back, this could have been a great movie. Instead it's you're typical indie fare. My rating is a bit generous out of enjoyment, but this should definitely not be a 2 in my eyes. Also, what's with the English title? "Life is not a bonus level" fits much better.

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