Bradley Thomas is a hard working man. After his wife's extramarital affair they admit the spark isn't there anymore and decide to have a baby. After being fired from his job, he turns to his friend who hires him as a drug dealer. A trade goes bad and he ends up in prison, the only problem is that a gang has kidnapped his wife and they will do an experimental operation on the baby unless Thomas kills one of the inmates in cell block 99. Bradley will not stop at anything until his wife is safe again.

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Believe all the reviews this movie is best of the year action hands down! I am going to see Bone Tomahawk after this. And if you liked A History of Violence you would love this! I wont be surprised the 7.5 rating as at the time of my review by the 40+ reviewers ahead of me shoots up to 8 or even 9 by the time a hundred reviews and more stream in. Vince Vaughan deserves an award for his role here. Only reason I gave 9 out of 10 to the movie was the way it ended. It wasn't bad, just I wished for an alternative ending(personal opinion) Wish there were more movies of this kind somewhere I could find and watch.

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