Man leaves his fortune to his dog and its psychiatrist.

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After seeing You Lucky Dog, I realized something. The first two times Cameron tried to abjure acting like a dog. But it didn't function. It's like he had 3 strikes against him. Lucky got overexcited when it came to a bone buried in the yard, having to urge to dig it up like crazy and defacing furniture. Cameron went along like a follower on a leash. That's strike 1. When they were getting ready to go to the mall, Lucky did it again and Cameron went along with it. Strike 2. Leading up to the mall, Lucky got worked up when it came to food. Cameron didn't even try to abjure it. Strike 3. After 3 strikes, he is stuck acting like a dog. Cameron, that is 3 strikes. Go ahead and act like a dog when Lucky gets overexcited or angry. That's right, let it all out. Could somebody please put him on a leash? He wants to go to the dog park, let him go. He wants to fetch something, let him go fetch something. He wants a belly rub, give it to him. He wants to roll over and play dead, let him do it. If somebody wants to express themselves by drama, or writing, let them do it. Don't stop them. It is a good thing that Cameron let out Lucky's feelings and expressed himself, even if he does look asinine doing it. He enjoyed it. It made him feel good. He let it all out. Cameron did the right thing. The first half was somewhat uncalled for,but the second half was necessary. He shouldn't care what people think. So what if he acts like a dog? He doesn't care. It is nothing but the dog in him. Let him express it. I have something to say to Cameron. Cameron, you did the right thing in the court room. At first, it was somewhat uncalled for, but maybe you were trying to let out your feelings. But now, you realize that you have to get use to it and letting out the truth feels awesome. It may creep you out., but you'll love it. If you have the urge to roll over and fetch, go ahead and do it. If you want to enjoy a belly rub, go ahead. If you have the urge to chase away greedy relatives, sic them. Cameron, you should always wear a leash if you are acting like a dog. If you are acting like a dog, then you need to wear a leash as a restraint. That would be so funny, just like begging for a treat, bone, or a chocolate bar. Spending time with that dog drove Cameron super crazy, especially when he was digging for a bone. If wanting to express yourself really bad is driving you crazy, let it out. Cameron did what he had to do. He might as well lick someone in the face and be done with it. Whenever trying to prove something, sometimes acting like a proves a point. You are a good doggy, Cameron. You gave yourself a treat and the dog as well by letting out the truth and protecting the dog. Good boy, Cameron. I am just glad nobody hit him with a rolled up newspaper when he displayed bad dog behavior. That would have been more hilarious.

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