The adventure unfolds as Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn - Tom's friend from the streets - witness a murder in the graveyard. Tom and Huck flee to Jackson Island and make a pact never to tell anyone about the incident. However, when the good-natured Muff Potter, who has been blamed for the murder is sentenced to death by hanging, Tom breaks his promise and returns to exonerate Muff Potter. In jun Joe, the actual murderer, makes a hasty exit from the courtroom during the trial. A short time later, Tom and Huck find references to a treasure and have to face In jun Joe again.

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I just started watching the movie, but the first 6 minutes already made me want to write a review about this. This is the first movie review i am posting here, so please be kind. I am a huge fan of Tom Sawyer, i have read the books as a child, and i have always imagined how things would look like if it was in a movie. The thing that made me want to write this review was seeing Huckleberry Finn smoking the pipe. This was EXACTLY as i pictured him when i was reading the books. I also like the Becky actress a lot, and the kid playing Tom seems to be a pretty damn good portrayal of the Tom i always imagined. I just hope i can edit this as i watch the movie, and i hope the movie will rise to my expectations but still, after the first 5 minutes i wanted to write this.

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