A vicious killer named Fung goes around Hong Kong killing top martial arts exponents and leaving a secret weapon called the Moonshadow as his calling card. When a convicted killer and kung fu expert named Ha - formerly working as a martial arts instructor before accidentally killing a man and being imprisoned and convicted for the crime he didn't intend to do - hears of this, he offers to help the police catch the killer in return for his freedom. With Ha's help, the police realize from the chronological order of the victims that the killer is targeting his victims, all top masters in their respective martial arts style, and following a martial code of training. After a close encounter with Fung, Ha suddenly disappears and the police begin to suspect the worse: that the two are accomplices and Fung was the bait to help spring Ha from jail. But Ha has actually gone back to his home in Foshan to find out more about the mysterious calling card. While doing so, he discovers the killer's ...

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Another thrilling cop movie starring by Donnie Yen, Michelle Bai, Wang Bao Qiang, and Charlie yeung. It was so well directed by Teddy Chan, the formal director of 'The Accidental Spy' (2001) starring Jackie Chan, and 'Bodyguards and Assassins' starring Donnie Yen and other famous Hong Kong celebrities. In my opinion, this is the best action movie that i ever seen in 2014! This movie is full of brutal Kung Fu actions which involve punching, kicking, grapple, and usage of weapon. (Donnie Yen) also known as Ha, was actually a formal police martial art instructor, he was imprisoned for 5 years for accidentally killing a Caucasian (to be exact) martial art exponent. And this was shown at the starting part of the movie. Slowly, it moves on to after 3 years, when Ha was in jailed, he saw a death case from the TV which caught his eyes, since he is one of the top martial art exponent, he suspects that the death might be linked to martial arts terms and saying. Therefore, he insist to find the head investigator Luk (Charlie Yeung) and he mentioned that he could help the police for investigation to solve the case. Ha seek help from the prison guards whether can he helped out and meet inspector luk, unfortunately he failed to do so. In order to catch the guards or even inspector luk attention, Ha purposely went into a brutal brawl in the prison to 17 prisoners. Isn't it amazing? The brawl stopped until more security guards arrived, and Ha was bring to the interrogation room by inspector luk and one more male police assistance. Ha started to say out some kung fu 'formulas' example like 'energy is formed' and things like this when inspector luk asked how he could helped out in their investigation about the death case. And Ha only promised to help out, provided if the police set him free. However, she was not convinced by what Ha mentioned and continues asking him what other information he have. At this point of time, Ha have spoken out 8 names from his mouth and mentioned that one out of the eight people will die, but she just walked away and thinks that it doesn't help much with the given information. And coincidentally, one out of the 8 names which Ha mentioned died afterwards. Followed by a few martial arts exponents were killed by Fung Yu Sae (Wang Bao Qiang). Fung was a serial killer and he wanted to be the first in the world by killing every top martial art masters. He tried to kill the first exponent which is specialized in punching, and then by leg kicking, grapple, weapons, and so on. Ha and inspector luk were puzzled and do not know how to find Fung, until Fung himself called the police station and wanted to look for Ha, from there the police tracked down the location of where Fung called from and started to move out and catch Fung. Fung was very smart and fast in escaping which prevent the case to be closed. Until the police force, inspector luk and Ha managed to find Fung house, they saw the bone ashes of have Fung's wife. And they make a good assumption that Fung definitely will come back to pay respect to his wife, and prepare guards, dogs, and boats to get ready for a raid once Fung is found. The part of raiding was fantastic, as the whole police force is tracking on Fung, and suddenly, the officer which was above Inspector luk have saw a video which displaying Ha and Fung was chatting on phone when Ha was in jail years ago. The officer suspects that Ha might be in cahoots with Fung. And Inspector luk point her gun at Ha and asked what relationship he have with Fung, and Ha of course we know he get rid of the situation by fighting back and ran away to catch Fung in order to prove Ha's innocence. Boat raid, fights and chasing scene were awesome and you only can experience it in the movie itself. Lastly, Fung and Ha managed to get away from the police force, and Ha managed to stop Fung from killing the next exponent, and mentioned that Fung must kill him before he can moves on killing more exponents. Fung were thrilled and full of excitement because he knows that Ha was serious is challenging him. And last part was the most jaw dropping and brutal scene out of the whole fight scenes from the beginning. That's about all I can summarize. Of course there are parts that which I missed out as no point telling the whole true story by words, might as well spent the money to watch it yourself. :D it is really worth the price even though it is expensive as it just came out recently. If I were to compared with his other movies, like special ID, Ip man, flashpoint, and killzone, I can say that Kung fu jungle in terms of plot and fight scenes, its more brutal and realistic than the rest of his past movies. Hope that my review is useful to people who have not watch it yet and definitely won't disappoint you.

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