In Gotham City, a botched experiment by Professor Hugo Strange to extract the evil from Batman's rogues gallery would go disastrously wrong, leaving the noble District Attorney Harvey Dent horrifically scarred both physically and mentally as the dichotomous supervillain, Two-Face. Eventually, Dent is captured by the Dynamic Duo and is seemingly cured of his injuries to help him restart his life as a honest citizen. However, there is later a new wave of crimes by other Batman enemies that has the modus operandi of Two-Face, even while Dent still seems to be innocent. However, Robin, already jealous of Bruce's older friendship with Dent, is not so sure and the Duo has a rift as they disagree about their suspicions. Meanwhile, dark forces plan a horrific fate for Gotham City and Two-Face, or perhaps an impostor, somehow seems to be at the bottom of it.

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If you were a fan of the 1960s Batman TV show with Adam West, then you will also love this 2017 animated movie. It was very much right on the money, and had captured the essence of that cheesy Batman show from way back when. Sure, it was a hilarious idea about being able to suck the evil out of the villains of Gotham, and it fitted right into that goofy 1960s Batman show. They had some very good voice acting for this animated movie, which really worked well in favor of the overall enjoyment of "Batman vs. Two-Face". And for as an animated movie, then having proper voice acting is a must. I will say that they also had good drawing style and animation, which actually did appeal to make, and it made watching it all the more easy and enjoyable. All in all, "Batman vs. Two-Face" as actually an adequate animated movie and turned out to be rather entertaining.

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