Toxic waste bubbles in a ship waiting permission to dock in Odessa. Frank Martin turns down a job in Marseilles, referring it to a pal. A short time later, the pal, wounded by gunfire, crashes his car into Frank's living room and dies, leaving a young woman in the back seat. The employer of the dead man shows up, forces Frank to take the job, snaps a bracelet on his wrist that will explode if Frank gets more than 75 feet from his car, and sends Frank on a journey east with the young woman and a trunk full of something. She's Valentina, nearly mute. Can Frank figure out what's going on, deliver the package, and escape alive? And what does the ship have to do with it?

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More fast and furious action from Jason Statham, directed in this outing by Olivier Megaton (is that name for real?) The "Transporter" series is the bargain bin version of the James Bond films, but I enjoyed this film way more than the latest Bond, "Quantum of Solace." This installment exists as nothing more than a Jason Statham fetish movie. We see him kicking ass shirtless while the female in peril this time around ogles him. She later makes him perform a striptease much to her delight and -- let's be honest -- the audience's. You don't have to be female or gay to admit that Statham is a fine specimen of a man; most guys would kill to look like him. And as someone who's follicly challenged myself, it's nice to see someone bringing sexy back to bald. Grade: B

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