Hong Kong 1986: A restaurant employee murders his boss and mutilates his wife, he escapes to South Africa where he rapes a Zulu-girl, who is infected with the ebola virus. In the restaurant where he now works he murders his boss and the bosses wife after raping her. He chops them up and makes them into hamburgers, which he sells in the restaurant, spreading the ebola virus. When the police come on his trail he moves back to Hong Kong and an ebola epidemic starts there.

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I watched this movie on a whim during a marathon of mostly-trashy horror films. I went into it expecting an over-the-top splatter flick, and while it definitely has some gore, I think there's more humour here than anything. The plot is simple, and the IMDb blurb sums it up well. A really sleazy character rapes someone with Ebola, becomes a carrier, and winds up infecting people as he goes about his sleazy routine. Kai is an awful character, but I mean that in the best way, and Anthony Wong's performance is top notch. You'll love to hate him. The special effects are well done. The acting, the camera work, and the music all felt just right; nothing struck me as jarring or out of place. The dialogue and the circumstances the characters wind up in are often hilarious, and that's where the movie really shined in my eyes. It's trashy, it's most likely gross by many folks' standards, but I loved it. It's more grounded that some of the wackier splatter films, but if you get a kick out of twisted humour, this is well worth a watch.

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