After the WWI Armistice Lloyd Hart goes back to practice law, former saloon keeper George Hally turns to bootlegging, and out-of-work Eddie Bartlett becomes a cab driver. Eddie builds a fleet of cabs through delivery of bootleg liquor and hires Lloyd as his lawyer. George becomes Eddie's partner and the rackets flourish until love and rivalry interfere.

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(Some Spoilers) With the First World War over and peace breaking out all over the world many returning GI's were in for a big surprise when the parades and partying stopped. It was just about then that the Volstade Act, the 18th Amendment, was put into effect which opened the door to a new and very dangerous criminal element; The bootlegger and the mob who controlled him. Getting involved in the bootlegging business were ex-GI's Eddie Bartlett & George Hally, James Cagney & Humphrey Bogart, together with Llyod Heart,Jeffrey Lynn, who being that he's collage educated turned out to be the brains of the trio. Llyod in the end not only survived the Prohibition years but, after being a Mafia-type mouth-piece for his friend Eddie, became an assistance D.A in NY District Attorney's Tom Dewey's office. Eddie who really wanted to go legit in running a taxi garage, the job he left when he was drafted into the Army, found when he came marching home from the war that he wasn't needed there anymore. Slowly drifting from one meager job to another Eddie ended up being busted for delivering, while driving a cab, a bottle or illegal gin to this nightclub singer Panama Smith, Gladys George. It was then that Eddie had his eyes opened to what the real world was all about and went full-tilt into the bootlegging business becoming one of the top moonshine operator in NYC. It was also then that Eddie met his pen-pal from the war Jean Sherman, Priscilla Lane, whom he, when she reached maturity, fell crazily in love with. It was just too bad for Eddie that Jean didn't feel the same way about him. Things were going pretty good for Eddie as he was making big bucks delivering booze to nightclubs and speakeasy's all over town. Eddie even got his girlfriend the very talented Jean Sherman a job as a nightclub singer at one of his customers, in receiving his booze, establishments Pete Henderson's, Edward Keane, "The Panama Club". It was when Eddie got hooked up with his old army buddy George Hally that things turned sour for him. Taking on Hally's boss, known as the notorious "Spaghetti Man", big time bootlegger Nick Brown, Paul Kelly, Eddie ended up having an outraged Brown and a couple of his hoods crash into Henderson's nightclub, right in the middle of Jane singing "Melancholy Baby", where both fists and gunfire was exchanged between the two! Later when Eddie's friend Danny Green, Frank McHugh, was murdered by Brown in retaliation Eddie decided to pay him a visit at his restaurant "The Spaghetti Joint" on the East Side that lead to Brown having his last meal on earth; you guessed it a bowl of spaghetti. Unknown to Eddie it was his "friend" Hally who tipped off Brown that he was coming over but, having too much spaghetti on the brain, Brown couldn't react fast enough to stop Eddie and his boys from plugging him and his fellow hoods. It wasn't long that the stock market crashed and the "Roaring Twenties", with the both partying and boozing it up, came to an abrupt end together with all the money that Eddie made during those years. The final nail on the coffin, for bootleggers like Eddie, came when Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected president in 1932. Roosevelt keeping a campaign promise that he'll repeal the 18th Amendment finally had Eddie & Co. looking for a decent job but in the middle of the Great Depression jobs, decent or otherwise, were hard to find. It's was almost by accident that Eddie, driving a cab, ran into Jean and found out to both his surprise and shock that she married his friend Llyod Hart. ***SPOILERS*** Broken hearted over the loss of Jean, to Llyod, Eddie gets a chance to redeem himself form his life of crime in later saving Llyod from being rubbed out by the Hally Mob. Eddie through Jean finds out from a couple of Hally's, who took over the late "Spaghetti Man" Nick Brown's operations, hoods that they got a contract out on Llyod who was about to indite their boss on murder and racketeering charges. Eddie goes to see the "Big Man", George Hally, in order to try to talk him out of getting Llyod knocked off and prevent Jane from becoming a widow and her and Llyod's son little Bobby, Don Thaddeus Kerr, and orphan. Spectacular conclusion with Eddie going into the lions den, Hally's headquarters, and having it out with him and his henchmen knowing that the odds are that he wouldn't get out alive. This after trying to talk Hally out of whacking Llyod but to no avail. Final ending on the steps of the Community Church has by now become folklore in movie history with Eddie finally finding peace in the violent world that he lived in all of his adult life.

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