Three men travel together across Europe. For two of them the journey involves a confrontation with the acts of their fathers, who were both senior Nazi officers. For the third, the eminent human rights lawyer and author Philippe Sands, it means visiting the place where much of his own Jewish family was destroyed by the fathers of the two men he has come to know. It is an emotional, psychological exploration of three men wrestling with their past, the present of Europe - and conflicting versions of the truth.

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While a few reviews across the internet have said this is not a good documentary because of the bullying of the one elderly man, I beg to differ. This documentary is about showing how two elderly men who had fathers in power that were nazis. One elderly man is fine accepting that his father was horrible. The other elderly man refuses to accept his father was horrible. Its meant to show us how strong people can be about their views on both sides, especially when confronted with the truth. The one man that that kept defending his father is the one some people support because, as the man says, his father did not kill anyone. He did not fire a gun. He did not do anything. He was simply the "ruler" and had to follow orders or else he would be killed. If anything this man tells us his father tried to help the Jews. Despite having no evidence of that really. Even when shown documents that his father gave orders and paid the people under him to kill jews, he still denied that his father was to blame. And in reality that is not how things work. If I hire someome to kill someone else, I may not do the killing. But I am responsible since I hired someone to kill someone else. The elderly man doesn't realize the point the other elderly man (and the third man) was trying to make was that his father would have been a truly good man if he refused the orders and let himself be killed. But because he didn't want to die, he instead did what he was told and thus passed on the orders too. Which made him part of the killing of the Jews. A TINY part of you can almost understand why he defends his father. Its his father, despite not knowing him really as a child, you don't want to live in shame of knowing your father was bad. However, most of you realizes its just how things are. You have to accept your father did what he did. You as his child do not have to live with that guilt because you were a child at the time. Your father my have been a horrible person, but you are your own person and have your own legacy. Which is why the other elderly man was someone I agreed with on everything. He didn't have any pride in being his fathers son. He didn't make excuses for his father. He accepted his father was a bad man, a nazi. And while the documentary doesn't really end on any sort of resolution, it does however leave you thinking about how people think in these situations. And it also makes you realize just how much nazism is still out there today. You see a event going on at which the elderly man (in denial) seems to almost enjoy where people are dressed up in nazi gear. Even with kids with shaved heads are at it. It is scary to think these sort of people still exist and are teaching their kids such things. You almost feel as if the eldery man is not really in denial, buy maybe a nazi sympathizer. Which he could very well be.

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